Goodbyes Are Hard

Hey, how are you?

I’ve been thinking about you.

All those times we shared together

Was already put in the trash.

I’m sorry  if I made it harder for you,

I just need you out of my system.

Cause you’re no longer healthy for me.


I thought we were gonna  be forever,

But guess what, we didn’t even last a year together.

I miss you, damn so much.

But if I choose to stay by your side,

I will be damned.


Because our love isn’t enough,

To conquer the reality.

No matter how many times I put it in a different angle,

Our love was wrong.


I still love you,

Even though the pain is still there.


Choosing to let you go was hard for my part,

But pretending that I don’t care anymore is harder.


So as I say good bye,

Tears are rolling down from my eyes.

You thought it was easy for me?

Think again.

I never intended to leave you,

But our fate has already been decided.


Thank you for the love, the pain and the laughter,

If it wasn’t for you, I would still be in my damnation.



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