there comes a time when you wish you’re dead.

it makes it easier to just kill the existence of your life.
to not be a burden, to not care and to not be sad.
death is what I wish for today, to see him face to face at last.

i can’t no longer face the day without a tear in my eye or a sadness hidden in my face.
i don’t want to think suicidal thoughts anymore and wishing that I can stop hurting myself.
i want to spare everybody’s life by greeting death.
so that the people i love will be free.

I’m sorry, i wish i was a better person.
a jolly, happy person.
that has a genuine smile forming on her lips.
I’m sorry if i was a trouble, a broken person, a fragile soul.
if only life has a reset button, i wouldn’t be here. contemplating the death of me.
I’m sorry if i cannot hold on.
if i cant no longer bear my shattered life.

and now, at the very end of me, i want to say thank you for staying by my side. this is, this is also the end of your sufferings. you are now enslaved from the responsibility of taking care of me.

so my last wish is that live your life to the fullest, expand your horizons and grasp every opportunity. no matter how hard life is, keep on fighting. don’t be like me, who gave up and ended her life.