To you,

I saw you looking for me.

With that pony tail on your head and almost torn apart shirt.

You had this weird smile and a voice I couldn’t comprehend.

And yet, you are the most beautiful person I saw that night.

I tried to compose myself as I was slowly walking towards you.

I kept it casual by offering you my drink, and you didn’t hesitate.

You were sipping my drink for god’s sake.


As the cold air brushed on our hairs,

I courageously leaned on your shoulders.

“It feels nice.” I said to myself unbothered by the cold breeze.


As cliche as may it sounds, everything was perfect — too good to be true in fact.

I was very caught in the moment,

With your head leaning against mine.


Then it hit me,

I finally found the right guy online.



So this is an alternative version of the ending of what really happened to me in real life. I was still hoping that maybe one day we’ll cross paths again and be reunited. I guess this is one of those painful things that happened to me in terms of romantic stuff after my break up with my ex. This guy kinda helped me to move on with my ex but at the same time he did kinda left me another scar so that’s why I’m very much hesitant to mingle with the opposite sex.